Community Associations

Condominium and Homeowner Associations

Community association managers, property managers, and volunteer board members of condominiums and homeowner associations have the thankless job of running multimillion-dollar communities made up of friendly and unfriendly neighbors, tenants, residents, owners, and even commercial businesses.


Justyk Legal represents associations in resolving disputes and solving problems with those neighbors when they happen. More importantly, Justyk Legal helps your association prepare solid legal documents, policies, and procedures that provide a framework with an eye toward avoiding disputes at the outset. Justyk Legal helps your association run smoothly during annual and special meetings, and elections to the board of directors.


When all else fails, Justyk Legal can represent your association in court in order to enforce rules and regulations against owners, tenants and other residents, and to resolve other legal problems within your community.


Justyk Legal has experience in drafting and preparing:

  • CC&R and Declaration Amendments

  • Bylaws

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Policies for Collection of Assessments 


Owners and Residents

Often times, owners and residents do not understand the complex legal documents involved in creating community associations. Other times, it might seem like condominium and homeowner association boards or management companies unfairly single out or discriminate against people in the community. If you are being sued by your HOA or condo association Justyk Legal can help.


Typically these issues come about in disputes involving:

  • What you can or cannot do with your own property

  • Use of common areas and limited common areas

  • Parking

  • Noise

  • Landscaping and trees

  • Rentals and rental caps

  • Pet rules and service animals

  • Water damage and insurance coverage

  • Unfair or unlawful collection of assessments

  • Civil Rights Discrimination


Or you may have a problem with your neighbor about noise, smoking, parking, lot lines, or obstruction of a view. When any of these disputes happen, Justyk Legal can advise you of your legal obligations and rights and represent you in court.