Justyk Legal helps landlords and tenants with legal issues involving residential and commercial rental properties. Many people and businesses are not familiar with the requirements of Washington State and local landlord-tenant laws and ordinances in the Seattle area.



If you are a landlord, Justyk Legal can help you set up your rental property to help you avoid legal issues with tenants down the road. A rental property is intended to earn money with only a minor investment of time and energy. Mistakes about landlord obligations to tenants can result in the loss of profits and consume an enormous amount of attention.


Justyk Legal helps:


  • Draft and prepare rental agreements and forms including leases, disclosures, subleases, assignments, and releases.


  • Advise how to screen and interview prospective tenants to avoid discrimination claims, understand insurance requirements for rental property, handle tenant safety and privacy issues, timely repairs to rental property so tenants do not withhold rent, tenant security deposits and refunds, and disposal of tenant property and personal belongings abandoned or left behind in your rental property.


  • Unlawful detainer and eviction lawsuits for nonpayment of rent and other violations or breaches of a lease.



If you are a tenant, Justyk Legal can help you review and understand your lease or rental agreement by advising you of your legal rights and obligations under the law and the lease. Having the knowledge and information explained before you sign your rental agreement can save you money and time if a dispute or conflict arises between you and your landlord.

Justyk Legal also represents commercial tenants in negotiating letters of intent and commercial lease agreements with commercial landlords. Having a commercial lease that is fair to both tenant and landlord is crucial from a business perspective. Justyk Legal has been successful in removing language harmful to tenants from commercial leases, including excessive charges and fees, unreasonable access requirements, limitations on assignments and subleasing,  and unfair limitations of the landlord's liability. 


Many tenants do not understand their rights and end up renting property from landlords who do not actually own the rental property, discriminate in rental practices, charge false or illegal amounts for damages, illegally keep security deposits, refuse to allow a sublet or assignment of a lease, refuse to release roommates from leases, fail to disclose hazardous conditions in rental properties, refuse to make timely repairs, illegally enter your residence or business without notice, fail to abide by eviction laws, and illegally dispose of tenant property and belongings.     


Justyk Legal represents tenants being sued by landlords in eviction and unlawful detainer cases and helps tenants negotiate and settle with landlords, to avoid judgments and evictions on credit reports and personal history, save money for their next home or business, and to move out on the tenant’s own terms.