Real Estate

Buying and Selling a Home

Buying a home is probably the most significant purchase a person will make in their life. Typically, buyers and sellers rely on their realtors to supply and explain forms, however, realtors cannot provide legal advice. When your realtor cannot help you, it is time to consult an attorney.


Justyk Legal helps you navigate the issues and problems that arise when buying or selling real estate by consulting with you on purchase and sale agreements (REPSA), title reports, disclosures, financing, escrow, and closing. In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, Justyk Legal can represent you in lawsuits involving your purchase or sale of real estate.


Title Insurance

Most people purchase title insurance on their land to protect against adverse claims. Justyk Legal can explain title insurance policies and endorsements, and help you make the best title insurance coverage decision for your real estate.


There are also many problems that can arise involving land that your title insurance company may decline to cover. Justyk Legal can advise you on policy exclusions that apply to your situation and help you plan accordingly.


Title insurance companies can pay damages to landowners or take steps to correct problems with title to land. Justyk Legal helps you obtain coverage for your title issues and help you receive fair payment for your claim.


Boundary Lines

Whether intentionally or by mistake, neighbors often cross boundary or lot lines and encroach onto one another’s property with landscaping, trees and roots, fences, buildings, and driveways. This can escalate to animosity, arguments, and lawsuits.


Justyk Legal will assist you in solving these problems at the beginning so that you and your neighbors get along. Suing your neighbor or being sued is usually not a positive or rewarding experience because of expense and ongoing tension with your neighbor. When litigation is a last resort, Justyk Legal can represent you if your neighbor has sued you, help defend your position, and resolve the lawsuit.



Easements are recorded legal documents that allow someone to use someone else’s land for a specific purpose. Many people have easements over their property without realizing it, and they do not understand the numerous legal problems that can arise. Justyk Legal represents and advises property owners in preparing, negotiating, recording, implementing, interpreting, and terminating easements and other use agreements on real estate.



Whether you are an individual resident or a business for profit, Justyk Legal helps you understand how land use and zoning laws affect how you can use your land.